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Improving Game Speed
Posted by Lukas Berger, Last modified by Lukas Berger on 02 January 2018 04:03 PM

Do you feel like your OOTP is running running too slowly or that you have too long load times? With a game with this much data, on certain systems getting things operating quickly and smoothly can require making some tweaks to the game to get things running quickly. This article will contain some tips that should help you speed things up if that's the case for you.

Generally speaking, in terms of game speed, the largest factors are:

-Number of Leagues
-Number of Teams

So if the game is simming too slowly, the first thing to be concerned about is whether you're playing with the leagues you care about. Especially if you use the full quickstart, that will by default include some foreign leagues like the Dutch or Italian leagues which you may not want to run with.

After that, the largest issue in terms of speed are the box scores/game logs and similar options. Turning them all on vs having them all off can easily double the sim time or more, so be very careful about which options are selected, and that they match up with the options that make the most sense. If you never look at game logs, it likely makes sense to turn them off. However, do note that none of those can be "re-generated", so if you turn off game logs and your pitcher throws a perfect game, you cannot get a game log for that game. Generally speaking, turning most or all of those options on for "human teams", and then only selectively choosing the other options for "human leagues" are generally the most popular way to set them up.

After that, there are certain game options that take more time than others. Trading is the most expensive, so one option if you still wish to have foreign or independent leagues but wish it to run faster would be to disable trading in those leagues. Or you can keep their trading on, but set them to "rarely" trade, and that will improve the speed. So if you wish to include the Italian league but want the game to sim faster, disabling trading in the Italian league will speed up the runtime, while still maintaining the players and games in that league.

The next thing to look at would be the baseball card, facegen, and other graphic options. The cards can be quite slow to generate, so it may be desirable to disable them if you don't need or use them. Another option that can slow things down would be the away uniforms (they essentially create a need for double the amount of pictures the game creates), and the facegen photos on the whole.

One other one that does take some time overall are financials. Disabling the "super 2" rule itself can save some time, although that has been improved in recent versions. Disabling finances overall does save another chunk of time. This can be another option that can be used to keep the foreign leagues around yet save a little bit of time with them.

If the league file size is the culprit, there are a few things that can be done to reduce the size. The main one is to run the purge tool to clean up any old unused info in the league files. You can find instructions on using it here:

Just make sure to backup the league before you run the tool.

Hopefully those tips help, along with practicing basic computer health as well, like just shutting down and restarting your computer on occasion will help spedd your game up. Also occasionally making sure you run the Windows defrag tool on the hard drive OOTP is installed on can help as well.

If you try these tips and still have speed issues, please feel free to open a support ticket and we'll do what we can to help you out further.