Knowledgebase: Purchasing Questions
Posted by - NA -, Last modified by Gary Breckenridge on 18 October 2015 11:53 PM

OOTP Developments has a 14-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee. This policy only applies to games purchased directly through Out of the Park Developments as explained here. So if you buy the game from the Apple App Store or through Steam or from Amazon, etc., then you'll have to contact those companies to see if you can get a refund. But beware that getting refunds for software purchased through third parties may not always be possible. You might want to contact them first or try a demo first before purchasing through a third party.

Assuming you purchased directly from OOTP Developments, then here's who you'll need to contact for a refund:

  • For eSellerate licenses (OOTP 11-16 on Windows, OOTP 9 & OOTP 11-16 on a Mac and FHM 2014), submit a support ticket.
  • For PiSD web store licenses (OOTP 10-16 on Linux, and OOTP 10 on a Mac), contact PISD
  • For eLicense licenses (all other Windows versions of our games), contact

After 14 days, our general policy is not to issue refunds except in very special circumstances. We always want to work with you to resolve any issues you are experiencing before processing a refund!  The major exception to the 14 day refund rule occurs if you open a support ticket within 14 days of purchasing the game and you don't get your issue resolved, then you can still get a refund even if you've past the 14 day period.