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Posted by Gary Breckenridge, Last modified by Gary Breckenridge on 19 March 2015 11:33 PM

If you can't resolve a problem using the knowledge base, then you should read this which explains how to get help from our tech support.

  • First off, you should provide us with as much information as possible to make it easier for us to help you. For example, we need to know what version of the game you're using and the operating system (and version number) you're using (both of these will be asked when you submit a suppor ticket so please don't skip them). Also, you should try to explain the steps necessary to reproduce the problem.
  • Once you submit a support ticket, you'll get an automated reply sent to the email you registered with letting you know we received your request for assistance.
  • Once you've received a response from a tech that resolves your issue, you can either choose to reply and let us know your issue is resolved or you can just wait and 7 days later, you'll get an automated reply that will inform you that your ticket will be closed within 3 days if you don't reply to your ticket again. If it has been resolved, simply ignore this message and your ticket will close in three days. However, if you received this automated reply and your issue is not resolved, please accept our apologies. Simply reply back and let us know it's still not resolved.
  • Once you're ready, submit a support ticket.

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Ethan Miller
22 October 2017 08:14 PM
Hello. I am Nickolas Harris (my partner and co-owner of my bank account is Ethan, whose name is on the card, hence the two names used), and on October 15th, I purchased OOTP18 via eSellerate on your website. I had been talking myself into this purchase for months, as I wanted the upgraded rosters, but couldn't bring myself to pay the large price tag of $39.99. Finally, I convinced myself that I couldn't go all offseason with a three year old version of the game, so I bought it.

One week later, I notice a pop-up when I start a new franchise that says the game is now 66% off.
Of course! I wish to request a refund of the 66% that I should not have paid, or if that is not possible, I request a full refund.

Over a decade ago (and for more than a decade), I played Baseball Mogul religiously. A few years ago, I noticed your product had great reviews, so I purchased it instead and have enjoyed it very much. I don't believe, however, that $40 is a reasonable price for a simulation game. $30 is steep, but would not cause nearly as many doubts about purchase. A 66% discount is a great promotion, and had I known about it prior to purchase, I would have waited.

Please consider these issues in future releases. You will have a long-time patron if you refund 66% of my purchase price. Otherwise, I'll go back to Clay's Baseball Mogul franchise and be just as happy.

Thanks for your time,

Nickolas Harris
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