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Enable debug mode for activation issues
Posted by Gary Breckenridge, Last modified by Charlie Smith on 28 November 2014 06:10 AM

If you're having problems activating, then you can edit your game icon to enable debug mode for troubleshooting activation issues. You can then pass on what you find out here to someone in tech support. So to start off, you need to edit your game icon (temporarily) so we can see what's going on here. The following directions are for OOTP 15, but they apply for OOTP 11 - OOTP 15. The instructions in this article do not work for FHM (Franchise Hockey Manager), by the way.

PC: You have to start by right-clicking the OOTP icon and then choose properties at the bottom of the menu. Once that comes up you'll see a text box called "target". Inside there will be something like "G:\OOTP Baseball 15\ootp15.exe", although yours will be different since this is a custom path. At the end of that text box, after the last quotation mark, add this: debug_drm

So it should look something like this: "G:\OOTP Baseball 15\ootp15.exe" debug_drm

Mac: Open a terminal window and "cd" to where the app is. For example
cd /Applications

Then enter the following commands:

cd "OOTP Baseball"
cd Contents
cd MacOS
"./OOTP Baseball 15" debug_drm

PC/Mac: Notice there's a space after the quote before you add the debug_drm. Now run the game again and try to activate. Let us know if there are any error messages during the process. There should be multiple prompts come up and this is normal. Once we're done with this, you should edit the icon again and get rid of the debug_drm part.