Restoring your league
Posted by Gary Breckenridge, Last modified by Lukas Berger on 19 October 2016 01:22 AM

OOTP generates large amounts of data and even though loss/corruption of data is not common, it's still very important to make sure you have recent backups of any leagues that you've invested much time into. Please don't put this off since it's not always possible to fix a corrupt league file. So no matter what causes this corruption to happen - either a power failure or even a bug in the game - once a league file is corrupt, often times the only thing you can do is restore from a backup. OOTP 11-15 makes automatic backups of the most critical league files, but you should also consider making manual backups of all the league files as well.

See the OOTP manual here to find out about restoring a backup that you previously made. Besides making a manual backup, OOTP automatically backs up the most critical league files and you can find these in your league folder in a sub-folder called "auto-save". The default for the auto-save feature is to backup once per year. If you didn't change this, the backup will be current only to Jan. 1st of the year you're playing.

To restore from the automatic backup, do the following (make sure the game is not running):

1) Open the game and on the start screen, click on Settings (or Preferences in OOTP 11-14).

2) Now click on the tab "Troubleshooting".

3) Click "Open folder containing saved games".

4) Now open up the league folder you're wanting to restore.

5) Then select all of the .dat files in the folder and back them up (just in case) by copying them to a temporary folder or creating a zipped file with them

6) Open the folder called "auto-save".

7) In there, select all of the ".dat" files and copy them to the league folder (the parent of the current folder) overwriting all of the ".dat" files in the league folder.

Now start the game and load your league. If it's successful, it will display a message letting you know it's cleaning up text files. This might take several minutes to complete (or even longer if the auto-save backup is older, like from the beginning of the year). If this didn't fix the league and you don't have a manual backup, you should open up a support ticket.

Automatic Backup Settings:

To minimize data loss in the future, you might consider making the game auto-save more often. The down side is you have to wait for each save to complete before you can continue simming, but it shouldn't take very long (unless you have a large universe). It's only the full backups that take a long time. Here's how to change this setting:

OOTP 15:
1) Go to the "Game" menu and choose "Game Settings".
2) On the right side you'll see the Auto-Save dropdown list.

OOTP 13-14:

1) Go to the "Game" menu and choose "setup and options".
2) On the right side you'll see the Auto-Save dropdown list.

OOTP 11-12:

1) Go to the "OOTP" menu (OOTP 11-12) and choose "Game Setup".
2) On the right side you'll see the Auto-Save dropdown list.