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Installing the game on more than two computers
Posted by - NA -, Last modified by Gary Breckenridge on 20 March 2015 12:29 AM

Your purchase of a license for an OOTP Developments game is always valid for installation on two computers simultaneously, for your personal use, even if your computer breaks or you lose your license e-mail. (See this article for information on using our games on different operating systems.) Even though you can only have two computers activated at a time, it's still possible to install on more than two computers. To do so, you'll have to unlicense one of your other computers before you'll be able to activate and use your game on the additional computer(s).

Just remove the license(s) (you don't need to uninstall the game) from a computer where you no longer wish to use the game for now. This will free up your license on our licensing servers and you will now be able to install and license the game on another machine. If you no longer want the game on a computer, a complete uninstall (the kind that removes your saved games as well as the game) will also remove the license.

If you are unable to remove the license on your old computer, for example if that computer died before you had a chance to remove the license, you could run into problems when you try to install the game on another machine, because our licensing servers think your license is still in use. If this happens just submit a support ticket. We can reset your license for you which will enable you to use your license on the new computer.