Installation problems
Posted by Gary Breckenridge, Last modified by Jeff Riddolls on 16 December 2018 08:14 AM

If you've already installed the game, but it won't startup or if the install process never completes successfully, then this document will offer some suggestions on how to fix this. If you're using a Mac, then you should submit a support ticket to get help.

If you get an error that says something like this "Another program is currently using this file.", then see here.

If you're installing Out of the Park Baseball on Steam on a Windows PC and receive messages such as "could not find /facegen folder" or "cannot open template file manual_page.tpl", the game may be having trouble reading a character that is part of your data path.  This is particularly common if your system language uses non-Latin characters, e.g. Japanese, Korean, or Russian.  To fix this, from the start screen open "Settings", then go to the "Expert" tab. From there, on the "Custom data path (*)" line, use the Select button to choose a path on your computer as the location for your data files, for example c:\OOTP19. It would be best to create a new folder for this purpose. Then click the black Select button to confirm the new path, click OK on the settings screen, and exit and restart the game. If that was the problem, it should successfully install the necessary files to your custom path, and you will no longer get those error messages.

If you're on a Windows PC using Vista/7/8, then you should right-click the installer icon and choose "run as administrator". Always do this when installing the game, just to be safe. Installing like this will fix some of the installation errors that can occur. If that doesn't help, then you should try reinstalling to a custom folder. For example, you could create a folder on your C drive, like this: C:\Games\OOTP 15 (or C:\Games\FHM 2014). The actual path used doesn't matter; just be sure it's not in the program files location. Doing a custom install like this will resolve most installation issues, but if it doesn't the you should submit a support ticket so someone can help you.