Run OOTP in safemode (for troubleshooting)
Posted by Gary Breckenridge on 01 December 2014 05:38 AM

If the game is crashing, then you should try running the game in safemode (NOT Windows safe mode) to see if it still crashes or not. On a Windows PC (this options is only available for Windows PCs):

  1. Open up the start menu.
  2. Click on All Programs.
  3. Open up Out of the Park Developments.
  4. Now open Out of the Park Baseball 15 (or whatever version you're testing).
  5. Finally, open up Tools and then click on "Start OOTP in safemode".

Now see if you can run the game without it crashing. Please note that you won't have any sound nor any player pictures (facegens). If it works without crashing now, then this usually means you either need to update your video driver or your sound driver (more often it's the video driver, especially if you're using integrated video or a laptop). If you know how to update these drivers, do so and try the game out again normally. If it still crashes or if you need help with the drivers, then submit a support ticket.