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Facegen or 3D problems
Posted by Gary Breckenridge on 23 March 2015 09:32 AM
Exclamation Trouble with FaceGen or 3D or crashes?

OOTP 16 utilizes some advanced OpenGL features now, which may be problematic on a small number of systems. So, in order to fix the problems we need your help.

But first, please make sure you install the latest version of drivers for your graphics card! Often outdated drivers are the reason for 3D / Facegen problems.

OOTP 16 needs at least support for OpenGL 1.4, but support for OpenGL 2.0 is recommended. This is supported by most graphic cards with up-to-date drivers.

We suggest playing around with the OpenGL settings (Game Settings -> Facegen & 3D tab), you could try setting the "Open GL Shader Mode" to "Disable OpenGL shader" for example, this will ensure the game works with older systems that only support OpenGL 1.4.

If it still does not work, we need to know your exact system specs which can be obtained by an application called Opengl Caps viewer. You can download it here:
Download OpenGL Caps Viewer.

After you installed & started it, click on the tools tab and then on "export data" (see image). In the new window click on "txt export" (see image). Please submit a support ticket and attach the text file you just exported to it.
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