Can't see facegen pictures/pictures are distorted or corrupted
Posted by Jeff Riddolls, Last modified by Jeff Riddolls on 23 October 2015 09:42 AM

First, please make sure you install the latest version of drivers for your graphics card! Often outdated drivers are the reason for Facegen problems.

If it still does not work after you've updated the driver, we need to know your exact system specs, which can be obtained by an application called Opengl Caps viewer. You can download it here:
Download OpenGL Caps Viewer.  After you installed & started it, click on the tools tab and then on "export data" (see image). In the new window click on "txt export" (see image). Please submit a support ticket and attach the text file you just exported to it.

It would also be useful to us if you could attach the results of a debug trace file from your game:

1. Open the Preferences dialog in the start screen, then go to Troubelshooting and click on the Enable debug trace box to activate it.

2. Open the "Facegen" tab. Make sure Facegen is enabled. Select "Force rendering mode 1".

3. Close the game, start again, open a saved game and a player page. Is there a "Picture functions" menu? If it is, select "New fictional picture".

4. Does it create a player picture? If not, return to the start screen (without exiting the game), go to Troubleshooting, and click on "Open Trace File."

5. Please record the results shown for the fhm_trace.txt file.

6. Return to step 2 and try the same procedure with rendering modes 2 and 3.  If none work, include all of the trace results results in your support ticket.  Remember to always exit and restart FHM after changing the rendering mode.  (Note: we've had some users report success with rendering mode 3, so you may wish to try that before 1 and 2.)