OOTP Found that the "crashed_On" startup flag is set
Posted by Ryder Presnell, Last modified by Ryder Presnell on 16 December 2015 06:55 PM

Sometimes you may receive an error upon the start of the game – “OOTP found that the crashed_on startup flag is set. Obviously the game crashed when you started it last time. OOTP will reset the graphics settings to default values. You can set them back later in the game prefrences dialog.”

Usually this error will fix itself when you restart the game and mostly never interferes with your scenarios. In some circumstances you may find the game stops loading after this happens. Please try the following steps:

1) If you are running Windows, try running the game in administrator mode. Right click the .exe and select "Run as Administrator mode".

2) Update to the latest patch. Always do this before continuing. Updating to the latest patch fixes the most common bugs that are reported and may fix this issue.

3) Re-install the game. This should help clear any corrupted files anywhere in the game folders.

4) Update your graphics card. Your drivers may be out of date and you may need to go to your card’s manufacturer website and download the latest drivers.

If this problem still persists, please contact support and we'll help you solve your issue.