Activating Your Game Without an Internet Connection

Activating Your Game Without an Internet Connection

While Internet connections are not required to play our games, all of our products do use an Internet connection to validate your license when you first install the game. However, we understand that not everyone has a regular Internet connection. Our licensing agents provide alternate methods for licensing the game when you don't have an Internet connection, described below.

Note: Although the method below allows you to license your game on a machine without an Internet connection, you will ultimately need access to some computer with an Internet connection in order to retrieve the license, although it doesn't need to be the computer you are trying to license.

Offline Licensing - Windows or Mac (OOTP 11-16 & FHM 2014)
  1. Disconnect from the Internet entirely.
  2. Start OOTP (or FHM), and cancel out of the Buy Now screen.
  3. Click the Enter License Key button.
  4. You'll get an error since you're not connected to the Internet so click Cancel
  5. In the product activation box that comes up select the "activate using a different computer that has web access" radio button, and then click Next.
  6. An Activation URL and Installation ID will display. Note this information.
  7. Go to any computer that has an Internet connection, and go to the Activation URL.
  8. Enter the Installation ID you noted before and click the Submit button
  9. An Activation Key will be displayed. Note this key.
  10. On the computer where you are installing OOTP (FHM), click Next to advance to the next page of the wizard. Or if you quit the game, start it again (make sure you're still disconnected) and click Enter License Key.
  11. When it asks for your serial number, paste it in. You'll get an error since you're not connected to the Internet so click Cancel
  12. In the product activation box that comes up select "I already have an activation key and would like to activate now".
  13. Paste in the activation key that you obtained and then click Activate
  14. Your game is now licensed and ready to use!
Offline Licensing - Windows (all other OOTP Dev games)
  1. Launch the game. A licensing "splash screen" will appear.
  2. Click the License button.
  3. Accept the License Agreement.
  4. Click the Get Off-line License button.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to generate an off-line license.
Offline Licensing - (all Linux versions plus OOTP 10 for Mac)
  1. Launch the game.
  2. Click the Enter a License Key button.
  3. Click the Manually register license checkbox.
  4. Enter your serial number, which can be found on the PiSD web store. (It should look something like 99x-9-99x-99-9999) Then click the OK button.
  5. A licensing registration request string is placed into your system's clipboard. Navigate to the following web page, and paste the string in:, then click Process Request. If you don't have access to the Internet at all, you will need to find some way to get the request string to a computer with Internet access in order to obtain your authorization code.
  6. An authorization code will be returned to you. Paste this into the Authorisation Code box on screen, and click OK.

If you have problems with any of these instructions or are uncertain how to proceed, then submit a support ticket.

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