Transferring a License to a Different Operating System

Transferring a License to a Different Operating System

Due to the relationships we have had with our licensing vendors over the years, our games are considered separate products on separate operating systems. In some cases, you can use licenses across operating systems. Here's how it works:

  • For OOTP 11-17, PC and Mac licenses can be shared. Linux licenses are separate.
  • For OOTP 10, Mac and Linux licenses can be shared. PC licenses are separate.
  • For all older versions of our game, each license is distinct and cannot be shared across operating systems.

The only option to use the game on all three operating systems is to purchase the game via Steam. Steam uses their own licensing and activation system, and they allow the game to be installed on multiple devices and operating systems. The limitation is that the game can only be played on one device at a time.

Note: It is possible to use OOTP via tools like BootCamp on a Mac, or VirtualBox. If you do so, you can theoretically, for example, use a Windows license on Mac. However, these configurations are not officially supported by OOTP Developments.

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